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I started this blog so that I could share some of my simple and easy ideas, activities and ideas on parenting. I love trying new things out with my own children and I really enjoy being able to show others what I do.

Everything on this blog is written by me and the ideas and opinions that I post here are mine. If I am posting about an activity or idea that I found/tried/used from somewhere else I will include where/whom I received that idea and provide links to the website where said ideas were found.

All and any reviews posted to this blog are honest, factual and strive to be as objective as possible. All opinions expressed within this blog are my own.

Earnings from My Blog

If I am paid, given a free product to review or make money in any form through this blog I promise to fully disclose any such activities and update this disclosure accordingly. Currently I make a small amount of income on this blog in the following way:

Amazon Associate Program

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Many of the images on my website are mine and were taken by me. Images that are not mine have been provided links for their source. I do not mind if others wish to use my images or ideas but I do not permit anyone to use any of my posts in their entirety. If you do use some of the images or ideas from my blog for your own website, I do ask that you link back to this website. It would be wonderful if you let me know as well that you are using something from my blog or if your tried something and how it went (see my contact form below!)