With Autumn right around the corner I have been thinking about Fall activities to do with my kids. I made this Fall sensory bin last year and re-discovered it recently while pulling out all my Fall themed items.

I love this sensory bin- the brilliant colors, the mixture of natural and unnatural materials. It looks beautiful and it has a wide variety of items in it which makes it perfect for sorting, patterning and general play inspiration. It’s also relatively mess-free, which is always a bonus.

Let’s take a look at what I put inside.

Fall Sensory Bin Must-Have: Leaves

No Fall sensory box would be complete without the lovely leaves that make this season so magical. Walk outside your door and scoop some up or grab some artificial ones from the dollar store. I tend to do a mixture of both. These artificial leaves are great for longevity (no crumbling mess everywhere) but I like to throw in a few real leaves for the kids to touch and feel.

Fall sensory bin items: acrylic leaves

Pine Cones

There’s something about natural play items that just draw young children in. My kids go nuts for pine cones, so for our Fall sensory bin, this was a must.  Take a neighborhood walk with your child and see if you can find some of these out and about. If you can’t, you can find pine cones for sale at your local craft store.

fall sensory bin items- a pine cone

Acorns- Not just for Squirrels

Again, another natural must-have; no Fall sensory bin would be complete without a few acorns. My kids loved collecting these acorns and played with just these alone for a few days. My daughter pretended to feed them to stuffed toys and my son filled his dump truck with them. Now they are mixed into this great sensory bin.

Fall sensory bin Acorns

Acrylic Leaves

I found these acrylic leaves at the dollar store and I love the look and feel of them. They’re smooth, glossy and small- making them perfect for scooping and pouring. These also come in different Fall colors so they work well for sorting activities too.

Acrylic leaves for a fall sensory play box

Faux Squash and Gourds

These fake gourds were purchased from the dollar store as well. When I added these to this sensory activity my kids decided they were great for pretend play. They brought over some pots and pans from our play kitchen and took turns cooking and serving these little guys. These actually ended up in our kitchen area for a little while once the sensory bin was put away.

Fake gourds for Fall sensory play

Overall, this Fall sensory play bin was a hit at my house. When you do this activity don’t forget to add in some sensory play tools. Scoops, measuring cups, spoons and bowls will enhance your child’s play and boost their creativity.

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