Trick-or-treating in the crisp Autumn weather, costumes, candy and a little bit of scary. These are the things that make Halloween such a great time of the year. Of course, it’s also time for some Halloween themed art! This year, my kids made a Halloween pumpkin craft which makes use of a paper plate, various orange materials and a little glue. The end result is pretty and the process is simple and fun.

Halloween pumpkin craft. Pumpkin craft for kids, toddlers, preschoolers.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft: Materials

  1. Paper Plate
  2. Glue
  3. Green Construction Paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Various Orange Materials

For the orange items I used orange gemstones, acrylic pumpkins and orange balls, all of which were purchased in the Halloween section of the dollar store. Other items you could use: orange buttons, tissue paper, beads, pipe cleaner, pieces of construction paper, anything orange and glue-able.




Get Gluing!

For this Halloween pumpkin craft, I laid out all the materials needed- orange pieces, glue and paper plates. I only omitted the green paper and scissors, which will be for the stem later on. You can show your child how to glue the orange materials to the paper plate or, as I did, step back and see what they do on their own. My daughter filled the entire plate with glue before sticking the materials on. My son just did a little glue at a time.

Let it Dry

Once all the materials are glued in place by your child you may want to check and add extra glue to make sure everything is secure (especially if you use heavy gemstones like I did). Give this Halloween pumpkin craft lots of drying time as there is likely a lot of glue on the plate by now. I let ours dry for two days.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft- almost complete

Halloween Pumpkin Craft: The Final Touch

No pumpkin would be complete without a stem. I cut the stems out myself but if your child is able to, they can do this part. Use a little glue to stick the stem and there you have it: A beautiful Halloween pumpkin. I placed our finished pumpkins on the window sill where the afternoon light shines through them and makes them almost glow.

Completed Halloween pumpkin craft with green stem

No Need for Perfection

Let your child be the guide during this craft. My son only glued a few materials onto his paper plate and that’s okay. There’s no need to push your child to fill the entire plate if they don’t want to. Art should be fun and expressive. My daughter decided to fill her entire plate with orange, but that was her choice, not mine. No mater how your child approaches this craft let them lead and make it their own.

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