Before we know it, Autumn will be upon us. It’s that time of the year when we start thinking about all things school-related which means it’s also time to whip up some Fall-themed educational activities. While looking through some of the materials in this Autumn sensory bin I realized I could use some of the same items for a some quick and basic Fall math activities.

These Fall math ideas are geared toward young children and only require 4 materials: Leaves, acorns and a pen and paper.

I ended up using some paper leaves from the dollar store but you could very well use some real leaves found outside. Just make sure that the leaves you use aren’t too dry and crunchy (as they probably won’t hold up well). I did, however, use real acorns that were collected by my kids.

Read on for some great (but really easy) Fall math activities.

Fall Math activities promo image showing supplies (leaves, acorns) and a math activity

Fall Math Idea 1- Patterning

Use a few leaves and acorns and see if your child can make a pattern. For very young children you can start a simple AB pattern (i.e. leaf, acorn, leaf, acorn) and then have them continue it. Say the pattern out loud and ask your child “What comes next?” If you want to make this task even more challenging add some other items such as sticks, rocks or pinecones.

Fall Math ideas- A pattern using leaves and acorns

Fall Math Idea 2- Graphing

Because this is geared toward young kids we won’t get too involved with the concept of graphing here. A piece of paper with a couple of labels (acorns vs. leaves) and a title (Which nature material is your favorite? or Which nature material do you want to count) is all you need. Lay the paper on a flat surface and have your child ask members of their family which one they prefer. Show your child how to place either an acorn or leaf in the correct spot for each answer.

No one around to take the survey? Use your child’s dolls and stuffed toys and “ask” them. See what your child says Mr. Teddy likes.

Once finished, count each side and determine which has more or less.

Fall math ideas- graphing with leaves and acorns

Fall Math Idea 3- Counting

Use a marker and print a number on each leaf. I did from 1-10 but from 1-5 would be suitable for young children. Place the numbered leaves on a flat surface and have your child count out and place the right number of acorns on each leaf. For example; place one acorn on the leaf labelled “1” and two acorns on the leaf labelled “2” etc.

Fall math activity- leaves with numbers printed on them and acorns on top

Fall Math Idea 4- Sorting

Show your child how to sort the acorns and leaves into piles. See if they can sort the items in other ways, for example, by color or size. For this Fall math activity you could also add in some other materials for the children to sort such as pinecones or pebbles.

Fall Math Idea 5- Ordering

This math activity could be done in a few different ways. I displayed the leaves that were numbered from 1-10 and helped my kids put them in number order. If you used real leaves you could also get your child to order them by size. Similarly, the acorns could be ordered from largest to smallest or smallest to largest.

Fall math activity- numbered leaves placed in numerical order

If your child is having fun with these activities you could also give them the materials- including the numbered leaves- and see what they do with everything on their own. Provide bowls for sorting and counting or add some number manipulatives to extend your child’s learning.

When your child is done or bored with these materials you can always use them for some lovely open-ended art. Provide some glue and sturdy paper and let them paste away!


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