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Surprise Eggs have been around for a while but they’ve been especially popular lately. Right now, Hatchimals, Kinder Eggs and other blind bag toys are all the rage with young kids. My kids even love watching YouTube videos of people opening these things up.

So why not make a surprise egg that can be educational too?

This alphabet activity combines the fun of opening up a surprise toy with naming and matching letters of the alphabet. My kids LOVED this activity and keep asking me to do it again and again.

Check out the instructions below to  create your very own surprise egg alphabet activity.

Surprise Egg Alphabet Activity Materials


playdough, surprise eggs, wooden alphabet letters

Stuff Your Surprise Eggs

The first thing you need to do is prep your eggs- so open them up and put some letters inside. I put about 2-3  letters in each egg for this alphabet activity. Close up each egg tightly once finished.

Wrap the Surprise Egg with Play Dough

Next, take each egg and wrap it with play dough. Press a small ball of play dough against the side of the plastic egg and use your thumbs to sort of wrap and smooth it around the egg. If you push too hard the egg will pop open so go slowly and gently. It took me a couple of tries before I was able to effortless get the play dough on.

Once all of your eggs are complete, set them aside in an air-tight container so the play dough doesn’t harden.
Wrapping an alphabet-filled surprise egg with green play dough.
alphabet activity surprise eggs lined up in different colored play dough ready to go.

Alphabet Activity Board

Next, you’ll want to create a “game board” of sorts by printing the alphabet onto a large piece of paper. This will be used by your child to match the letters in their surprise eggs to the printed letters on the page.

Alphabet activity board- letters of the alphabet printed on a piece of paper.

Play the Game

Present the surprise eggs and alphabet activity board to your child. They can unwrap the eggs and you can encourage them to match the letters inside each one to the letters on the paper. Easy Peasy. When my kids did this activity they wanted to keep playing so we re-filled and re-wrapped the surprise eggs and played again and again.

If you want to extend this activity you could get an older child to use the letters to spell words or spell their name. You could also do this activity with numbers or words printed on pieces of cardstock.


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