Lately, my kids have really been in to sorting their stuff by color. My daughter will make comments like “This paint is pink so it’s Skye’s paint” (if you don’t know who Skye is she’s a character from Paw Patrol). Meanwhile, my son has staked a claim on everything in the house that is yellow. If it’s purple, it belongs to his sister.

Following their lead, I made this easy color-sort activity from a few sheets of paper, tape and toys we already had in the house. Follow these instructions and get sorting!

What You’ll Need:

  • Construction paper in various colors
  • Tape (masking or painters tape is usually a good bet)
  • A kid-height table top or tiled floor
  • Toys (Blocks, characters, balls, whatever your kids play with)
Colored paper, tape and blocks for a sorting activity.

Lay Your Construction Paper

Arrange your colored paper into a grid on top of your table top (or floor). I just used my coffee table since it’s kid-height.

colored paper lined up to make a sorting grid.

Tape Down Your Paper

Please test out your tape on whatever surface you’re using. You don’t want to cause any unneccesary damage. Tape the construction paper so it looks like a grid.

Grab Some Toys!

I literally just grabbed all of my kids favorite toys that would work well with this activity. Try to avoid toys with too many different colors on them as it could be confusing. Put them in the middle of your grid for your kids to sort.

a variety of children's toys on top of a colored grid, ready for sorting!

Let the Sorting Begin!

Honestly, I just sat back and watched what my kids would do with everything I had set-up. It didn’t take long before they were sorting using the materials I had given them. Awesome learning happening here!

toys that have been sorted by color.

I left the paper grid taped onto my table for a couple of days and my kids continued to use it. You could also print the name of each color inside the grid as well for an added challenge. I have also done this activity just using colored foam blocks.

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